Image: The Tetris Company

There have been countless variations on the block-based puzzle game Tetris over the years — too many to get into here. But have you ever wondered what versions the Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov and Henk Rogers would pick if they had to choose one edition of the game to play forever? Well, now thanks to Gizmodo, we finally have the answer!

Speaking to Rogers and Pajitnov, in a recent video interview, Gizmodo's David Ewalt asked the pair the question, and they were more than happy to oblige him with an answer.

Henk Rogers answered by naming 2007's Tetris Zone for Macintosh and Windows PCs:

"I actually worked on a version of Tetris — it's not even out anymore. We tried to set the bar and I created a version of Tetris called Tetris Zone. It had all the things that I wanted at that time in the game, so it's the most playable version of Tetris for me."

Alexey Pajitnov, meanwhile, picked the browser version currently available on the Tetris website:

"I am in love with the modern version for the browser. So, I am still on the keyboard interface, so that would be my version."

Interestingly, when we spoke to Henk Rogers last month, we asked him something along similar lines. We asked him what his favourite non-traditional version of Tetris was. He responded with the Japan-exclusive Tetris Battle Gaiden for the Super Famicom, which was released back in 1993:

"We had a version that we made actually in Bullet Proof Software called Tetris Battle Gaiden and Tetris Battle Gaiden had little characters with attack powers with different magic powers and you had attack powers and defence powers that you could use during the game. We had a whole list of interesting things. It never made it outside of Japan, but it was certainly an interesting take, you know. You had to choose which character you wanted to use because of the magical powers that each character had. Yeah, and then you had to learn how to play with those magical powers."

Given the sheer amount of versions available, it's fascinating to hear what variations of the game Pajitnov and Rogers have personally enjoyed over the years. We'd love to know your favourites too! So don't hesitate to tell us in the comments!

[source gizmodo.com, via twitter.com]