Did You Know Gaming
Image: Did You Know Gaming

Update: The channel has thankfully been reinstated.

Original Story: We've sadly seen a trend of popular YouTube channels getting hacked by crypto scammers – Linus Tech Tips was one of the more recent high-profile examples – and it pains us to report that another big outlet has fallen foul of the same problem this weekend.

Did You Know Gaming is one of the more popular gaming-related YouTube channels with 2.4 million subscribers, and creates informative videos which shine a light on some of the most popular titles of the medium, both past and present.

The channel's Twitter account reported the hack yesterday, and as of today (April 29th), the YouTube account is still compromised – although YouTube has gotten in touch, and a solution appears to be in the works.

As of right now, the channel has no videos uploaded.

Did You Know Gaming
The DYKG YouTube channel as of April 29th