Breath of Fire
Image: Capcom

Capcom's classic role-playing game Breath of Fire was released for the Super Famicom 30 years ago today in Japan (on April 3rd, 1993, to be precise).

The popular RPG followed the orphan and light dragon descendant Ryu, who embarks on a quest to defeat the evil Dark Dragon emperor Zog. It took place in a medieval fantasy world where anthropomorphic creatures live alongside humans and also featured the ability to shapeshift into various dragon forms during combat.

Breath of Fire wouldn't come out in North America until August of the following year, with the publisher Squaresoft helping its localization and marketing in the territory. Europeans, meanwhile, had to wait significantly longer, with the game not being officially released in the region until the Game Boy Advance re-release in 2001. Breath of Fire has since gone on to spawn a number of incredibly popular sequels, such as Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV on the PlayStation 1, but the SNES game is where it arguably started for many North American fans of the series.

The official Capcom Artwork account posted some fantastic artwork from the game as a way of marking the occasion:

Sadly, there hasn't been a new Breath of Fire game since 2016, which was when Capcom released the microtransaction-heavy online multiplayer Breath of Fire 6 on PCs and mobiles to a critical drubbing. With Capcom remaking several of its old games recently, many fans are eager to see the RPG series make a return. But sadly there isn't any sight of a sequel or remake just yet.