Street Fighter Duel
Image: Capcom / Crunchyroll

Capcom and Crunchyroll Games are teaming up to release a free-to-play mobile RPG called Street Fighter: Duel, it has been revealed. The game was first released by TOPJOY, Tencent Games, and Capcom in China on November 26th, 2020; this new release marks its full worldwide launch.

The two companies have confirmed it will launch globally this month but have stopped short of giving us a solid release date. The game will showcase multiple characters from across the entire Street Fighter universe and will focus on an original story which sees players taking down Shadaloo's hordes of robotic warriors.

More than 40 characters will be playable, each coming with their own unique cards that must be unlocked, and they'll also be able to ride on vehicles. Furthermore, certain characters come with alternate versions which can be unlocked.

While previous Street Fighter titles have focused on one-on-one brawling action, Street Fighter: The Duel will be a more methodical affair, with characters unlocking new moves, combos and specials as they level up during battles.

Fights can take place in real-time, but there's also an 'auto-battle' mode if that's your kind of thing – and, when you're confident, you can take your team online to fight other players around the globe. Everything will be rendered with 2D visuals.

Because it's a free-to-play release, the game is supported by in-app purchases, which allow you to buy in-game currency.

If this all sounds like it's up your street, then you can pre-register for the game via Google Play and the iOS App Store. This is currently open to residents in the UK and Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other select European countries.