Mini N64 CRT TV
Image: @limonegongbang

In July of last year, we told you about the Japanese creator limonegongbang's adorable SNES TV. Well, now it seems that they have followed this creation up with another custom-made Nintendo build, a mini-CRT TV with a built-in N64.

@limonegongbang shared a tweet about the adorable device earlier today, giving Twitter users a closer look at the build. In the four images shown of the bright pink CRT TV, we can see that it has a slot on the top for N64 carts, as well as some Mario-themed buttons decorating the sides (that function as the reset and power switches). There is also a small screen positioned just below the monitor, which displays the logo of whatever game you are currently playing at the time.

Along with these images, @limonegongbang also shared a quick breakdown of its notable features. This includes its 6-inch CRT monitor, four-controller ports, pre-installed memory expansion pack, and stereo sound capabilities. It's a crafty little build and something we'd love to have in our own collections. If you want to watch the full video showing how they built it, you can do so below (just be sure to switch on English subtitles):

Would you want a mini-N64 CRT of your own? Let us know in the comments!