Image: limonegongbang

We've seen a lot of cool console mods in the past, from portable GameCubes all the way to Game Boy glow-ups, but recently we stumbled across something we couldn't help but write about.

Scrolling through Twitter, we came across this incredible micro-TV with a built-in Super Nintendo that took us completely by surprise (as it did our friends over at Nintendo Life). The build is the creation of a Japanese Twitter user named @limonegongbang, and from what we can gather, he has precedent for making mods of this kind, with his YouTube featuring other videos of a portable SNES and portable PS2.

For those in the know, you'll likely recognize this tiny machine as a miniature SF1, a '90s collaboration between the electronics company Sharp and Nintendo. The original SF1 allowed players to plug their cartridges straight into their TV, but was only made available in Japan.

@limonegongbang's micro version of the machine contains a 5.5inch LCD screen, RGB output, stereo sound, and a USB C port for a 5V power supply. He has a video over on his channel showing in detail how he created it, as well as some footage of it in action, running Super Mario All-Stars (or Super Mario Collection, as it is known in Japan). You can check it out below.

It's a nifty little invention, and something we'd love to own ourselves. What we're wondering, though, is what you would choose to play on it first? Let us know below!

[source nintendolife.com]