Myst Mobile
Image: Cyan

Last week, Cyan announced that the 2021 reimagining of the classic first-person adventure Myst was coming to iOS in order to celebrate the original game's 30th anniversary. And now, a little under a week later, it seems that we've got the final release date to look forward to (as spotted by TouchArcade).

'Myst Mobile', as the developers are calling it, will arrive on iOS for iPhones and iPads on Thursday 9th February, so fans can once again explore its intriguing world of logic puzzles and breathtaking scenery. It will run on A12 chip devices and newer, and will also apparently be supercharged on Apple's next-generation M2 chip, bringing the mobile version closer to its console counterparts.

The game features the entirety of Myst island for free with no time limit set on exploration but will require a one-time additional cost of $14.99 to unlock the other Ages of Myst (Stoneship, Mechanical, and Channelwood). It will also support gamepads, touchscreen controls, and keyboard and trackpad input from Smart & Magic Folio devices.

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