Retro-Bit LegacyGC Wired Controller
Image: Retro-Bit Gaming/Time Extension

Retro-Bit Gaming, the company behind a bunch of retro releases, yesterday announced that it was launching a new controller compatible with the GameCube and the Nintendo Wii.

The device called the LegacyGC takes its design from the Hori Game Boy Player controller that was licensed by Nintendo during GameCube's lifespan. This was a gamepad that was designed to be a more comfortable alternative to the standard GameCube controller while playing handheld titles on the Game Boy Player add-on.

The original Hori controllers can go for hundreds of pounds online on eBay, so it's welcome news that there will soon be a cheaper solution, should players want a similar pad at a fraction of the cost. It's worth highlighting, though, this isn't the only solution available to retro gamers with Old Skool also releasing its own take on the controller in 2021.

The LegacyGC is currently available to pre-order from Castlemania Games (other retailers and European vendors will be confirmed soon according to Retro-Bit) and will cost around £16.45/€18.57/$19.99. Pre-orders are currently expected to start shipping around late January. It is available in Indigo and Black.

Are you going to try and snag one? Let us know in the comments!

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