Video Game Controllers
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

As long as there have been video game consoles, there have been video game controllers.

What started out as simple, single-button affairs have evolved into surprisingly complex and ergonomic devices which can be used without the need for wires and – in some cases – across more than one platform.

Given that these controllers are our primary means of interacting with the video games we play, it's not all that surprising that everyone has a personal favourite; a pad or stick which brings back happy memories thanks to the fact that it was your trusty companion for hours of your favourite RPG, or because it offered the kind of precise control required to beat your opponent in Street Fighter.

Trying to ascertain which is the 'best' controller of all time is both difficult and rather pointless, as you could argue that early controllers – such as those seen in the '80s and '90s – are going to be at a distinct disadvantage as they have fewer buttons and came too early to benefit from creature comforts like solid wireless connectivity.

Instead, we're simply asking you which controller is your personal favourite; it could be one that you don't use today but have fond memories of gripping years or even decades ago; a pad which made a unique impression on you as a gamer.

Also, it's worth noting that we're mainly sticking to controllers that came bundled with their respective systems or significant first-party controllers which became near-essential to serious players – rather than attempting the thankless task of listing every single controller ever made, official or otherwise. Down that road lies madness, as we're sure you'll agree – but if you think we've missed a controller that deserves a place on this list, let us know and we might even add it to the poll.

Which is your favourite video game controller of all time?

Thanks to Ashley Day for supplying some of the photos found in this feature.