Image: Konami

In December 2022, ZUIKI Inc. revealed that Gradius would be among the games bundled with the X68000 Z Mini 'Early Access Kit' when it finally starts shipping to Japanese backers next March. And now it appears that we've got our first demonstration of the classic shoot 'em up game running on the new retro device.

Today, ZUIKI tweeted a twenty-second clip of the game from its main account, showing a person playing the device with a keyboard. Sadly, the footage only demonstrates the first stage of the popular Konami game, but it's more than enough to make us want to get our hands on this tribute to the classic Sharp computer.

We'll try to keep you as up-to-date as possible on the development of this new retro console, as well as any opportunities to import it when it has a wider release. For more information on the mini console, we recommend checking out the articles listed below.

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