110 Industries and Soleil have just released Space Runaway on PC as a free download.

Described as a "faithful retro recreation of the shooters of the arcade era", the shmup is a minigame from the upcoming action title Wanted: Dead, which launches on PC, PlayStation and Xbox on Valentine's Day 2023.

According to the team behind the game, Space Runaway began life as a simple minigame but grew in stature as development progressed. The final version takes place across seven levels, which contain power-ups and even epic boss encounters.

Here's some more detail on the game:

In Space Runaway, you take control of the experimental secret mech known as XR-110, developed by Dr. Lincoln Maverick. The ruthless Toliman Empire has discovered its existence and this knowledge has prompted them to attack and try to gain control of Earth’s last hope. Only you, playing as Lt. Landers, survive the attack and escape with XR-110. Humanity’s hope rests on your unwilling shoulders as the Toliman Empire pursues and attempts to annihilate the Space Runaway.

Space Runaway is a pretty impressive title as a free download and is clearly designed to create additional interest for Wanted: Dead. The game has been promoted with some refreshingly bonkers trailers, and the team behind it apparently includes some Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) staffers.

You can download Space Runaway here.

[source store.steampowered.com]