Image: @NIWAchannel

Update (Tue 6 Dec, 2022 17:00 GMT): Two days ago, NIWAChannel released the PC Engine Micro 2, as well as the PC Engine Micro 2 Special Edition. Unfortunately, though, it seems the two devices are already sold out, according to the modder's website.

Both devices operate on the RetroPie 4.8 OS and require data from your own PC Engine software library to run - that means no built-in games understandably.

The devices come with a 2-inch backlit IPS LCD screen capable of displaying a resolution of 320 x 240 and around 262,000 colors. It requires a power supply to the USB Type-C port on the back, but can also be operated with a mobile battery. The difference between the two versions appears to be that the Special Edition has additional USB ports for connecting controllers and external output via HDMI cable.

Original article (Wed 23rd Nov, 2022 15:30 GMT): NIWAChannel is a console modder whose creations always catch our attention for their clean designs and their inventiveness.

Earlier this year, for instance, we reported on their incredible portable SNES that fused together a SNES cartridge and controller into one nifty handheld. And now it seems that they are back at it again teasing a follow-up of sorts to their PC Engine Micro "portable" gaming device.

The original PC Engine Micro device ran on a Raspberry Pi Zero W system-in-package and required a USB-C power supply, which unfortunately limited how far you could take it away from the power supply without modifying it yourself.

After releasing it, however, NIWAChannel claimed on Twitter that they were interested in creating a new device for themself using the Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 for faster speeds. And now it seems that they might finally be rolling this change into a product that people can buy.

According to the tweet, the PC Engine Micro 2 will apparently be made to order; be first come, first served; and will only be produced in small numbers. Like NIWAChannel's other creations, the product will eventually be available on their website after an official spec announcement and reveal is made.

Would you like your own custom-built PC Engine Micro 2? Let us know in the comments!

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