House of the Dead 2
Image: Sega

The Dreamcast is home to some pretty decent light gun games, including House of the Dead 2 and Confidential Mission.

The trouble is, unless you have an old CRT in the house, you can't play any of these games as the light gun technology used isn't compatible with modern LCD and OLED televisions.

This fact has spurred retro gaming enthusiast and electronics hobbyist Ben Ryves to create some kind of solution, and it's pretty ingenious if you ask us.

He's managed to get the Nintendo Wii Remote working with Sega's 128-bit console, which means you can use it to play the console's light gun titles on flatscreen tellies. Hurrah!

Ryves goes on to explain how this clever system works:

Hopefully, this solution will get to the point where it can be sold as a kit, allowing Dreamcast owners to finally have a reason to dust off their copy of House of the Dead 2.