Eight Dragons 2
Image: Extend Mode

In 2019, the developer Extend Mode released the arcade-style brawler Eight Dragons on Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam), and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The retro-throwback was notable at the time for its chaotic gimmick that let up to 8 players join up to take on its story all at once. Each character would have their own route through the city, but when combined together these individual stories would build on each other to flesh out the overall narrative, giving the game a bit more replay value.

Three years have passed since then and now it appears that Extend Mode has officially started working on its sequel, Eight Dragons 2, which looks set to improve on what came before! In a 2-minute 50-second clip on YouTube, Extend Mode showed off a little of what they'd been working on, demonstrating some new stages, items, and objectives.

According to the video description, the player will once again have to fight their way through a crime-ridden city, taking on gangs that have crushed the spirits of its citizens. The crooked businessman Kane from the first game returns, but there are also plenty of underbosses to defeat along the way, as well as quests to complete.

Here's a list of the planned features (shared by Extend Mode):

-It's open-world. Go anywhere. Pick-up or break almost everything. Fight almost everyone!

-Extreme Multiplayer: Up to eight people can play co-operatively on one machine!

-Simple Controls: There's one fire button, but you can combine it with your movement to batter everybody around you!

-Multiple Weapons: Use sledgehammers, axes, pool cues and more to crush your enemies!

-No Cutscenes: This game is from a more civilized age, where you didn't drop your controller to watch a movie halfway through the game. Either it happens in the game or it doesn't happen.

-Variable Difficulties: You can adjust how tough your enemies are, and how fast the game runs.

-Full Controller Support: If it's an input device, it'll work with this game!

-Multiple paths through the game: Choose your characters to choose your story!

No platforms or a release date have been announced as far as we can see, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know more! For now, you can watch the gameplay preview below and let us know what you think! Sadly it doesn't appear to show all 8 characters playing together, which is a bit of a swing and a miss - at least for us.

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