Story of Thor (also known as Beyond Oasis) is one of the Mega Drive's finest action-adventure titles.

Released relatively late in the lifespan of the console, it mixes gorgeous visuals with top-down, Zelda-style action and is blessed with a fantastic soundtrack, too – the latter is something that should come as no great surprise when you consider that the game is made by Yuzo Koshiro's studio Ancient, and he composed the music for it as well as acting as producer.

Story of Thor was followed by a Sega Saturn sequel, but since then, the series has remained dormant. It would appear that is about to change soon, as Ancient has taken to social media to inform fans that "products related to Story of Thor (MD version) are in progress," and that the company is open to questions from the gaming public about the original game – specifically related to development, story, characters and the game world. The deadline for these questions is November 27th.

As well as creating the Story of Thor series, Ancient is behind titles such as Car Battler Joe (GBA), Protect Me Knight (XBLA), Gotta Protectors (3DS), Amazon's Training Road (NES) and Royal Anapoko Academy (Switch). It is also the studio behind the Master System and Game Gear versions of Sonic the Hedgehog.