SteamDeck GBA Operator
Image: Epilogue

The SteamDeck is one heck of a device, and emulation is just one of the many tricks it has up its sleeve. Thanks to apps like Retroarch, Steam Deck users have access to loads of amazing emulation options – but if you want to use your original carts, you've previously been out of luck.

However, it has now been confirmed that the Epilogue's GB Operator – a device that allows you to play GBA carts on your computer – works with the SteamDeck.

The process is still emulation, of course – the GB Operator effectively dumps the ROM from the cart, which is then run in emulation as normal – but it means you can avoid any feelings of guilt normally associated with downloading ROMs from shady sites on the internet.

Our friends over at Nintendo Life took at look at this amazing device a while back and were very impressed.

The GB Operator isn't the only device of its kind – the Retrode 2 dumps Mega Drive and SNES games – so we could see other options appear sooner than you think.