Tempest 2000
Image: Llamasoft

A SEC filing for the publisher Fig, submitted on the 27th of January of this year, seems to indicate that it is helping to fund a new collection celebrating the games of the UK developer Llamasoft.

Llamasoft is a developer that's been around ever since 1982 and has developed games for machines as diverse as the Vic-20, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and the Atari Jaguar, to name just a few. Jeff Minter, commonly known online as Yak, is the studio's primary developer and is known for his fondness for ruminants as well as the often trippy nature of his games.

We came across the filing on the Llamasoft forums, where a user named Witewulf had posted a link to the filing, as well as an image. The filing reveals that Fig will fund the developer Digital Eclipse to create a new collection called "Jeff Minter's Llamasoft Collection" and describes it with the following:

"One of the UK’s premiere “indie” game developers, Jeff Minter began designing and programming games in 1981, for the Sinclair ZX80. Through Llamasoft, he created dozens of games across a broad spectrum of devices. This game and media collection will celebrate Minter’s work (including his “Tempest 2000” for Atari Jaguar), history and visual style."

Obviously, this will be fantastic news for fans of Minter's work, should it come to pass, though no official announcement has been made yet by either Llamasoft or Digital Eclipse. Hopefully, this filing means that a proper announcement is just around the corner.

Strangely enough, that isn't the only game mentioned in this filing. Others include:

  • Karateka: The Eclipse Edition, a collection containing each of the original home computer versions of Jordan Mechner's Karateka, in addition to "making of" archives
  • Atari: The Golden Anniversary Celebration, which sounds strikingly similar to the upcoming Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration from Digital Eclipse.
  • And PONG 50th Anniversary Celebration, a collection featuring the "many iterations of classic PONG, controller assists and a documentary on the birth, history and impact of PONG", in addition to a whole new game.

What do you make of this news? Are there any games, in particular, you'd love to see in a Llamasoft collection? Let us know in the comments!

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