R-Type Final
Image: Irem

R-Type Final 2 was a pleasant surprise for fans of the series. Many assumed that R-Type Final on the PS2 would be a swansong for the franchise (hence the title), but Irem – alongside Granzella, a studio made up of many former Irem staffers - delivered a fantastic update on the formula.

R-Type Final 2 has had a few DLC updates since launch, and now it's getting a next-gen makeover in the form of R-Type Final 3 Evolved. The naming here is rather cheeky, as this isn't a full sequel but more of an update of the original Final 2.

It will boast improved graphics, over 100 playable craft, seven new stages and even PSVR2 support for take-off sequences. There will also be "metaverse spaces" for online multiplayer lobbies and a selection of mini-games.

R-Type Final 3 Evolved will launch in March 2023.

[source ryokutya2089.com, via gematsu.com]