Image: EA Sports

Love it or loathe it, FIFA will go down in history as one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. Since its inception in 1993, it has been a best-seller each and every year, and while there have been times when the quality of the series has dipped dramatically (most notable during ISS / PES' glory years), there are many who feel that digital football simply doesn't get any better.

This year's FIFA outing – FIFA 23 – will be the last of its kind. EA is losing the FIFA licence and will call future entries in the franchise EA Sports FC, starting with next year's instalment. There will still be football games with FIFA in the title, but they won't be made by EA and therefore won't be part of the series that began way back in 1993 on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

So, with the series coming to a close and EA moving to a new brand next year, we thought it might be a good idea to ask you – our dear readers – which FIFA you think is the best of the bunch.

What's the best FIFA?