Street Fighter DOS
Image: Capcom

Back in August of this year, we covered a mysterious Street Fighter One fan game, made in the MUGEN PC fighting game engine. At the time, it seemed to be making the rounds throughout the fighting game community, with the competitive player Justin Wong even featuring the game on his YouTube channel.

As we noted, though, it was actually much older than many people thought, with the game originally being uploaded back in 2010. Now it seems that its developer Valkyrie Project is back, and teasing an update to the fangame called SFOne '87 under a new name Nidavellir Studios.

The original remake made many positive updates, improving inputs, adding in the PC-Engine soundtrack, and introducing a new character, Cody from Final Fight. This update, meanwhile, looks to add in additional stage effects, as well as another new character, Gouken, who debuted as a playable fighter in Street Fighter IV. For those unfamiliar, Gouken is Ryu and Ken's mentor who was based on Sheng Long, a famous hoax character that emerged from a mistranslation of Ryu's win quote.

We look forward to seeing what else Nidavellir Studios adds to this update and trying it out ourselves when it gets a wider release. We'll do our best to keep you up to date on all the details and let you know when it becomes available.

What Street Fighter character would you like to see added to this release? Let us know in the comments!