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Image: Capcom

If you've played the original Street Fighter, you'll know it isn't always the most comfortable or most refined of experiences. There are the inconsistent inputs, the clunky controls, and the fact you could only pick from either Ryu or Ken.

It's because of these issues that the game is somewhat difficult to revisit today, especially when you compare it to its more successful sequels that have aged a lot more gracefully. But not to worry as there is now an alternative for folks who want a more polished street-fighting experience: Street Fighter One MUGEN Remake.

This came to our attention recently via Paul Darbyshire on Twitter, who stumbled across the mod on the website Game Banana.

The mod, which is built on the freeware fighting game engine MUGEN, takes away much of the frustration present in the original game, improving the inputs and replacing the arcade music with the PC Engine CD soundtrack. It also lets you pick from any Street Fighter 1 character, in addition to Cody from Final Fight who has his own stage.

The distributor, DeathCold, doesn't seem to be the original creator, with the page instead attributing the mod to a group called the Valkyrie Project. The mod also seems to be 12 years old at this point, but judging from the Twitter reaction, not many people seem to have heard of it before. We've reached out to DeathCold to try and find out more about its origins and we'll update the article when we do.

[source gamebanana.com, via twitter.com]