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Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Bitmap Bureau's excellent Smash TV-style shooter Xeno Crisis made waves when it launched a while back, thanks to its tight gameplay, gorgeous 2D visuals and superb chip tune soundtrack.

Amazingly, it was developed with the Mega Drive / Genesis hardware in mind, but has been ported to several other systems - both modern and retro.

Digital releases on the likes of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One have been accompanied by physical versions for the Dreamcast, Evercade and - perhaps most impressive of all - the SNK Neo Geo AES.

That's the version we're looking at today; it comes in the iconic clamshell case that seasoned AES fans will be used to, and even has a full colour manual. Because we're looking at the Japanese version, it's all in (you guessed it) Japanese.

Is it possible to own too many versions of Xeno Crisis? Probably not. Let us know if this one is in your collection by posting a comment below.