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Image: Sega

Sega has finally confirmed the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 is coming to Europe (as spotted by Nintendo Life). Up until recently, Sega had yet to confirm whether the console would ever get a release in the region, with doubts growing after it came to light the console would be in short supply.

But now, Sega has put those doubts to rest, announcing on Twitter that the console will be arriving on the same day as the Genesis Mini 2 in North America: October 27th.

The miniature console will contain 60 (+1) games, including ports of popular titles, games that have never been localized before, and even some Sega CD titles. There will also be some differences in the video game library between the Japanese and North American/European releases, with Nintendo Life having the full breakdown.

Perhaps the most baffling of all the announcements is Devi & Pii, an unreleased Mega Drive/Genesis title from Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka, that has never been released to our knowledge, yet finds itself coming to all regions.

Devi & Pii seems to be a block-breaking title with a bat and child as a mascot. The goal appears to be to protect the child by completing tasks, such as freeing it from a cage or collecting its friends/clones as they fall. You can see a brief demonstration of the game in the video below (at 6:03).

What games are you looking forward to playing? Let us know in the comments!

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