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Image: Sega

While PlayStation and Nintendo both seem to have got cold feet when it comes to the mini console market, Sega appears to be holding in there, having recently announced its Sega Genesis Mini 2 for the Japanese and North American markets last month – but judging from a recent Ars Technica article, getting your hands on this mini console won't exactly be a piece of cake.

After the console was announced last month, the technology website reached out to the company and was told the upsetting news in a letter from the Sega president's office:

"The Sega Genesis Mini 2 could only be produced in small numbers due to the global semiconductor shortage."

The letter also went on to suggest:

“The number of units for this project makes up around one-tenth of the total for the previous Genesis Mini."

This likely means that when the Sega Genesis Mini 2 is finally made available on October 27th, 2022, it will likely be a race to see who can snag one first.

Interestingly, Ars Technica was also able to clarify as part of its correspondence that this time around it seemingly isn't Sega of America handling the shipping and promotion, but Sega of Japan. This, combined with the low number of units being manufactured, appears to cast doubts over whether the company intends to release a Mega Drive Mini 2 in Europe, a region that was strangely missing back when the initial announcement was made.

Amazon currently lists the Sega Genesis Mini 2 for around $107 on Amazon, with pre-orders now open. If you want one, take this as your warning to be on the ball or face being disappointed.

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