Sega recently announced the Mega Drive Mini 2 in Japan, a new micro-console which packs in a selection of classic 16-bit titles alongside some Mega CD offerings. The sequel to the popular Genesis / Mega Drive Mini, the Mega Drive Mini 2 is based on the Mega Drive 2 hardware revision.

At the time, it wasn't certain that this new product would be sold outside of Japan; while the original Mega Drive Mini got a global release, the subsequent Game Gear Mini did not. However, we can all rest easy now, as Sega has indeed confirmed that it will be released worldwide (well, in North America, at least):

There's no word on a European release, but we'd be amazed if it didn't happen at this stage. Unlike the original version of the console, it will come with a six-button controller (this was previously exclusive to the Japanese version of the original Mega Drive Mini).

The console will come pre-loaded with 50 titles, including one "never before seen". For reference, the original model came with an all-new port of Darius and Sega's version of Tetris, which was famously pulled from release due to a dispute over who owned the home console rights back in the early '90s.

Here are the games confirmed for the Genesis Mini 2 so far:

Sega Genesis Mini 2 Games

It has already been confirmed that the legendary Yuzo Koshiro is returning to create the menu music for the console, and Sega has also announced a special USB Cyber Stick Controller.

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