Buriki One Snk Logo Character Art
Image: SNK

Buriki One isn't particularly the most well-known fighting game. Released for the Hyper Neo Geo 64 arcade system – SNK's failed follow-up to the Neo Geo MVS – it was one of only seven games for that format and was a bit of an odd duck when you compare it to other fighting games from the time.

For instance, it required a 2-button layout, which created added work for poor arcade owners who had to manually switch out the control panels, and also exchanged a super meter for a 'balance' system instead.

It's arguably because of these strange quirks – and the problems still associated with emulating the Neo Geo 64 – that it has become challenging to experience this game as originally intended, but that hasn't stopped one dedicated fan from going to the effort.

The fighting game YouTuber GuileWinQuote recently posted a video on his YouTube channel (as spotted by EventHubs), where he went in-depth on Buriki One. To do this, he bought the Hyper Neo Geo 64's fighting board, the Rev 1, in addition to a Buriki One PCB, and then ran everything through his HAS Supergun — a home arcade system.

Not content with using a mismatched control panel, he also made his own 2-button fight stick, using an old Tupperware box as the outer shell. All in all, it seems like a costly venture, but in our eyes, it's totally worth it just to get a closer look at this obscure bit of fighting game history.

As detailed in the video, you are given the choice of fighters, with each competitor having his own combat style, like Boxing, Sumo, and so on. The premise behind this is that your fighter is a contestant in the World Grapple Tournament 99 — a fictional Mixed-Martial Arts competition taking place in the Tokyo Dome.

Contrary to other fighting games of the time, you move your character using the 2-button layout, with an 8-way directional lever dictating your attacks, but how you attack will be different depending on the character selected.

If you haven't already, we recommend watching GuileWinQuote's full video on the subject. It goes into a lot more depth, demonstrating the differences between the characters and the wider context surrounding its release.

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