Garou Mark of the Wolves
Image: SNK

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves – also known as Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves – is regarded as one of the best one-on-one fighting games ever made, and certainly ranks among some of SNK's best titles.

Despite a sequel being in development (it was sadly cancelled when SNK went bankrupt), we've never seen how Terry, Rock and the rest of the cast could develop, outside of their appearances in other titles, such as Capcom vs. SNK 2.

However, that might change soon as SNK Producer and Director Yasuyuki Oda has taken to Twitter with the goal of drumming up fan interest in a possible Garou sequel (thanks, Event Hubs).

Oda – who joined SNK in 1993 to work on the likes of Fatal Fury Special and Art of Fighting 2 before leaving to join Dimps in 2000 during the company's financial troubles – even went as far as to claim that he rejoined SNK with the dream of finishing the Garou story.

Oda's comments come after a fan unearthed 2 old CDs containing assets for Garou 2, such as new move animations and visuals.

While the Fatal Fury series was seen as SNK's rival to Capcom's Street Fighter in the early '90s, its star has waned in recent years, with King of Fighters becoming the company's prime fighting game series (a franchise which includes much of the Fatal Fury cast, it should be noted). However, SNK has been open in recent years to the notion of resurrecting its former hits, with Samurai Shodown getting an all-new release on modern consoles.

While it's no sure thing that SNK will bankroll a Garou follow-up, it's clear that it's one of Oda's goals in his second stint at the firm. Perhaps he can get Lizardcube to collaborate? The French studio – which recently helped bring the likes of Wonder Boy and Streets of Rage back to life – recently posted a concept video to show what a new entry could look like.