Game Boy Box (2)
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The Game Boy only had a couple of great Breakout clones to speak of, back in the day. There was Alleyway, of course, the Nintendo-published launch title designed by Gunpei Yokoi; and Kirby's Block Ball, featuring everyone's favorite inflatable pink blob. But that was really it!

In the intervening years, however, homebrewers have been hard at work, beefing up this meager library, with Kabcorp's Borruga - Neo Pinball being one of the latest offerings to scratch that 'Breakout' itch.

As the name implies, Borruga isn't necessarily your standard Breakout clone, borrowing elements from pinball too. While you still only control a single paddle, you are able to jump with it, using it like a flipper to bounce the ball towards the bumpers that are positioned on-screen. There are three tables to pick from, with each of these containing seven vertical screens with different bumper layouts, coin placement, and gravity modifiers.

The game has been available to purchase for some time now as a physical cartridge through Inside Gadgets - priced at $21-$26 depending on whether you opt for the Rumble version or not - but it was only recently made available for free on All you need is a working Game Boy emulator to be able to run it! You can check out a video of the game below: