Phantasy Star II
Image: Ship To Shore Phono Co. / Sega

The Sci-RPG series Phantasy Star is renowned for many things, its music being among them. So it comes as no surprise then, that a record label - in this case, Ship to Shore PhoneCo. - has collaborated with Sega to release the soundtracks as LPs.

The first of these releases, Phantasy Star, came out earlier this year and has unfortunately sold out in the time since. But no need to worry, as Ship to Shore PhoneCo. is now following it up with the equally fantastic Phantasy Star II, and pre-orders are now open (as spotted by Siliconera and GoNintendo).

The tracklist for the soundtrack is as follows:

Side A

1. Phantasy Sprite
2. Step Up
3. A Prologue
4. Pleasure Stream
5. Pressure
6. My Home
7. Blacky News
8. Restoration
9. Rise and Fall
10. Movement
11. Advanced Position

Side B

1. Secret Ways
2. Promised Mystery ~ Hidepipe
3. Silent Zone ~ Musik
4. Exciting Town
5. Violation
6. Power
7. Under
8. The Place of Death
9. Exclaim
10. Never Dreaming
11. Over

For those unfamiliar, Tokuhiko Uwabo was the person responsible for composing the music for Phantasy Star II, returning to the series after working on the original game. He contributes an excellent blend of pop-rock melodies and driving percussion, which makes for a pretty satisfying listening experience overall. We do have to question, though, which version of the soundtrack will feature on this latest release, as the original Japanese audio had noticeably louder drum samples than the subtler international version.

The LP is currently priced at $30 and will apparently be pressed on a Ship to Shore exclusive “Rolf & Nei” blue and magenta swirl vinyl. It also comes with new liner notes from Retronauts’ Jeremy Parish and an 8-page booklet with rare artwork from the SEGA archives, making it the perfect gift for those VGM and Sega super fans among you! Pre-orders are expected to ship in Q4 2022. You can order here.

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