Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Pixel Games UK isn't a name we're really familiar with, but recently it's been busy re-releasing a ton of old ZX Spectrum games on Steam: from games like Monty Mole to the Horace trilogy. So if you're looking for a quick way to play some of your favourite games on your modern PC, this might just be your ticket.

Looking at the list of games added, you've got your text adventure games like Pimania, a quest to find the (real world) location of a golden sundial; bizarre top-down platformers like Bounder, where you play as a sentient tennis ball; and colourful, isometric action games like Phantom Club, which pit you against Zarg and his army of evil "man-spiders".

It's an odd collection of games, to be honest, but one that will likely be welcome news to those who have sold their old machines long ago, and are looking for that quick and easy way to bring back some of those childhood memories.

The ZX Spectrum was a historic device. Released way back in 1982, under the supervision of entrepreneur and inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, it kickstarted the British Games Industry and launched the careers of some of the most successful UK companies. This includes some of the developers featured in this assortment like Ocean Software and Gremlin Graphics. So here's hoping Pixel Games UK did a good job of replicating what made these games so fun to begin with. And that your skills haven't rusted up after all these years.

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