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Playmaji's retro all-in-one console, Polymega, is due its next big update very soon, and with it, it will bring even more support for SNES and Super Famicom games.

While the updated games support for one of Nintendo's best ever consoles is enough on its own, Playmaji is bringing a slew of changes to its retro system, including a Recovery Mode, Power Save Mode, a new audio player, and tons of small quality-of-life updates that will help spruce up the system and its usability.

Let's take a look at all the big updates, shall we?

Red Book Audio CD Support

The Polymega will be able to play standard audio CDs now, which will add more functionality to a couple of PlayStation classics like Monster Rancher and Vib Ribbon. There's also an audio interface where you can view the album art, track listing, and the standard stuff you might see on Apple Music or Spotify. PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16, Sega / Mega-CD, and Neo Geo CD games will also be able to utilise the audio player, so you can listen to the Ys Book I & II soundtrack whenever you want!

More Super Famicom / SNES Game Support

Likely the big one for many, this update brings more support to the OBC-1 and SPC7110 enhancement chips, as well as Sufami Turbo support to the system. More English patches for popular Japan-only games are also compatible with the system once it has been updated.

Pin a Filter in Collection Views

Better search tools are always a win for us, and update 1.1.20 makes looking for your games that much easier. You'll be able to pin a filter to any grid-based view. So, say you want to see every Sega Mega Drive game in chronological order, you can do that. Playmaji is going to expand on these kinds of searching and filtering tools in future updates, but this is a welcome step.

Power Save Mode

This is pretty much the standard in the big console market, so it's always good to see this setting come to some smaller projects. You'll be able to set an inactivity timer for your Polymega to go to sleep if you don't use the console for a certain amount of time. Just move your controller to wake it up.

Recovery Mode

There will also be a Recovery Mode in case something happens to your system. By holding the eject button on the front of the console while simultaneously turning it on, a special screen will load up. This will let you factory reset your console.

Those are just the big updates coming, but there's a nice handful of patch notes on the system's official website. Highlights here include:

  • A warning when you try to start a game that has a save file older than a save state.
  • Full RGB colour range video option added.
  • Ability to disable button swap for confirm, cancel, etc. in the Japan/Asia region.
  • Various SNES patching issues fixed.
  • Scrolling text wrapping fixed.
  • Option to disable the default screenshot button.

Go and check out the rest of the patch notes on the official blog, which you can read through here. The update was revealed last week and was originally expected to drop yesterday. However, Playmaji has since stated that updated 1.1.20 should be dropping sometime today.

Tell us what you think about this update and let us know about your experiences with the Polymega in the comments!

This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Tue 3rd May, 2022.

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