Street Fighter II
Image: Capcom

Street Fighter II was one of the games that really stoked the fires of the 16-bit console war, with the SNES version selling millions and making Genesis / Mega Drive owners green with envy – until, of course, they got their own version of Capcom's famous one-on-one brawler.

Street Fighter II was duly ported to pretty much every platform of the period – including the Game Boy – but one machine that didn't get the game was the NES. Sure, there was an unlicensed Famicom port by Hummer Team in 1992, but it was so terrible most people have scrubbed it from their memory banks.

However, it seems that the NES is finally getting the Street Fighter II port it deserves, thanks to a group of passionate coders. As reported by Eventhubs, Street Fighter 2 Deluxe is a fan-made effort that is shaping up quite nicely indeed – as you can see from the footage below, it runs smoothly, despite the tiny sprites.

It is believed that the game will run on original NES hardware if you use a flash cart, but for the time being, we'll have to wait and see how this shapes up.

This article was originally published by on Wed 6th October, 2021.