Polymega - the modular retro gaming system formerly known as RetroBlox - is shaping up to be an incredibly interesting piece of kit. It supports various retro systems via modules which come with cartridge slots and controller ports for that particular console, and these bolt onto the base unit which also contains a CD-ROM drive with support for multiple CD formats.

NES, SNES, Mega Drive and PC Engine carts will all be playable via modules, while Sega CD, PC Engine CD/TG-16 CD and PlayStation support has been confirmed on the CD side of things. However, the team behind the machine announced that a fourth CD-ROM format would be revealed just before E3. We can now confirm that format is the Neo Geo CD.

Released in 1994, the Neo Geo CD system was an attempt by SNK to make its insanely expensive Neo Geo line of consoles a little more affordable and mass-market. Instead of paying extortionate prices for massive cartridges filled with expensive memory, games could instead be delivered on CDs, drastically reducing the price. The only problem is that the initial front and top-loading units took ages to load games and were prone to failure - as was the subsequent Neo Geo CDZ, which boasted a double-speed drive for faster loading times.

The good news is that Polymega will load Neo Geo CD games up to 80 percent faster than the original Neo Geo CD, and 60 percent faster than the CDZ.

Here's what Polymega's Bryan Bernal had to say:

Our goal is to make this system that had so much potential as fast and playable as the MVS / AES counterparts without costing you a literal fortune per game. Now with POLYMEGA, Neo Geo CD is not only a viable and affordable way to get into Neo Geo collecting, but also is a way to experience many great nuances of the system that were overshadowed by the horrendous load times such as the excellent CD-quality arranged music as well as the special games and content not found on the MVS / AES versions such as Crossed Swords II, the exclusive 5th course (Scotland) on Neo Turf Masters, and more.

With the addition of Neo Geo support, the Polymega will surely become even more desirable for retro addicts. Let us know if this news has increased your interest in the console by posting a comment below. The system is expected to hit Kickstarter soon.

This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Tue 13th June, 2017.