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  • EU 18th Aug 2022, £5.93
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About The Game

Enter: our ordinary protagonist living an ordinary life.

But what's this message?

"You shouldn't be playing games right now."

"Your spouse is cheating on you."

Who sent this? It can't be true...

Collect evidence that your spouse is cheating on you and file for a successful divorce in this unique adventure game.

Game features:

◆ The battle of wits with your spouse begins!

Within six months of discovering the affair, you must gather

enough evidence and bring it before the court.

In this nightmare of a life, you must maintain a healthy

relationship with your spouse.

But behind your spouse's back, you're gathering evidence

for a successful divorce.

◆ A breath-stopping minigame

Figure out the password to your spouse's computer

before you get caught!

Hold your breath so you don't wake your spouse as you

gather information from their phone!

Collect evidence across a variety of minigames.

◆ Your memories and mine

Find objects that hold special memories for the both of you!

The beautiful memories from the past that the player finds...

These become the slivers of rage and misery that form

the testimony for the marriage's end.

◆ An array of endings to unlock

Unlock all the various ways this marriage will end.

It all depends on the evidence you've found,

the affection of your spouse, and your own funds.

Happy endings, unhappy endings, and some surprising

endings—they're all waiting for you!