Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • EU 20th Mar 2023, £2.50
  • US 20th Mar 2023, $2.99
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About The Game

Animals Names is a simple game that will help your child learn the names of the animals.

More than 70 animals in different categories like farm animals, insects, birds, wild and sea animals! The game is presented by Teo, a cute pig character that will guide your child in the game.

In the practice mode, your child can practice the animal names by swiping through the different categories. When an animal is selected, Teo will tell the name of that animal. In the Play mode, Teo will show different animals to the child and will ask him or her to point at one.

With this simple exercise, the kid will soon learn how to differentiate between animals and will be able to recognize them. Animals Names uses cute cartoon animals pictures to make the learning process more fun!

The game also lets you switch between English and Spanish, so your kid can learn animal names in a different language too! Play it using the touchscreen or with the Joy-Cons™ by moving a virtual cursor with the sticks, that way your child will get familiar with the Nintendo Switch™ controller!

Join Teo in this learning adventure and make your child's time in your console more productive!