Release Date


  • US 27th Feb 2024, $6.00
  • EU 27th Feb 2024


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About The Game

In an eternal struggle between opposites—love and hate, good and evil, yin and yang—endless battles have left only a void.

As the final Intergalactic Cosmic Analysis & Reconnaissance Unmanned Surveyor, your mission is to venture as close to the edge of the Universe as you dare...but don't get too close!

With only a few opposites of your own to help—fast and slow, inside and outside, full and empty—you must plug the gap between everything and nothing to restore the cosmic balance.

ICARUS could be considered a racing game where the track gets narrower as you progress. Or maybe it's an endless runner. Or even an avoid-'em-up. 🤔

Score points by flying close to the edge, but not too close! Colliding will drop mines & make things more difficult. Fly through the centre area to regain energy and generate power-ups.


  • Arcade style thrills
  • Emergent gameplay
  • Deep scoring system
  • Multiple power-ups
  • Dynamic music and sfx
  • Online score board
  • Downloadable game manual