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Gamecube is actually the last generation that I missed before getting into video games (I started on DS/Wii) but I always found it the most interesting of the era it released in. GCN (and the 5th Gen of consoles as a whole) was perhaps the most wildly experimental era of game creation, bringing about the birth of some of gaming's most iconic series (Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion and Metroid Prime just to name a few) while also tying it all together in a controller so outstanding that Nintendo are still producing them to this day for games like Smash Bros. You can definitely make an argument for NES and N64 being more of a wild west and, while I wouldn't necessarily disagree, I think Gamecube took what was learned in those transitions and absolutely carried them with swagger to new heights.

Having said all that, I've actually only played a single Gamecube game myself in Mario Sunshine (which is still my 2nd favourite 3D Mario behind Galaxy mind you) due to the sheer reluctance from companies like Nintendo to re-release their GCN catalogue if it doesn't have an R, and E and a 4 on it, but there are plenty I've been dying to play like the original Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario TTYD, Viewtiful Joe and so many more. I've been considering emulating them for a while as of late (don't tell Nintendo) and if/when I get around to getting a decently powerful PC, I'll definitely want to try and crack open a Dolphin or any other similar emulator to finally play these absolute gems

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Recently bought a Wii with USB adapter and ended up buying more Cube games than Wii games.

Sadly, this is a console that hasn't aged well for me. Smash Bros was neither fun single or multiplayer, Mario Kart Double Dash felt too slippery in comparison to the perfected controls of MK8 Deluxe, Mario Party 4 kinda fun multiplayer, but takes too long for my liking now, F-Zero isn't as good as Wipeout, Star Fox Adventure and Assault - no, Wind Waker, like any Zelda, isn't fun after the first time round, Mario Sunshine is good, but can't be bothered to go through the levels I didn't enjoy as much even back in the day... you get the idea.

Only game that was fairly fun, if only because of nostalgia, might have been Phantasy Star Online and Super Monkey Ball. Only game I haven't gotten that I can think to want to play again is Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. But probably not going to bother, what with the prices Japanese copies go for these days, in good condition.

This is another console I've had to accept that is perhaps best left in my nostalgic past.


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