Upcoming Nuon Title Ring Flyer Will Increase The Console's Library By 12.5% 1
Image: @Chronos_B

VM Labs' failed DVD / games console hybird Nuon was so unsuccessful at retail that only eight games were ever released – but the good news is that number is about to increase by 12.5%.

At the recent JagFest 2024 event it was confirmed that a new Nuon game is coming. Developed by Cubanismo and published by Songbird Productions, Ring Flyer was shown off for the first time during the event, which took place between June 28th and 29th in Rochester, MN.

Judging from photos taken during the event, Ring Flyer appears to be a 3D action title in which you guide a spaceship through various rings (hence the name, we guess).

Also shown off during the event was Skylar, a very promising new title for the Jaguar which appears to use pre-rendered visuals:

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