Point Blank X
Image: @VideoGameEsoterica

Point Blank's rare high-definition arcade reboot Point Blank X is now playable for everyone on PC, thanks to a new patch from the modder Argonlefou (as originally reported by VideoGameEsoterica!).

Point Blank X is the last major release in the classic comedy lightgun series (as of the time of writing, at least) and was initially released in arcades back in 2016. It features a bunch of remixed levels from previous games in the series, with a modern HD art style, and can be somewhat difficult to track down in the arcades today.

Earlier this year, the software service Teknoparrot added the game to its list of supported titles, making it possible to play the game on PC for the very first time. However, this required users to pay to access Teknoparrot's software subscription as well as supply their own game files. Since then, the modder Argonlefou has, therefore, taken it upon themselves to develop a separate patch to remove these costs, while introducing support for mouse control, Wii remote, and the GUN4IR lightgun.

This patch is scheduled to be released for free on archive.org imminently and will be available to access from VideoGameEsoterica's video description.

You can watch VideoGameEsoterica's full video on the release below for more information:

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