Parking Garage Rally Circuit
Image: Walaber

The solo developer Tim Fitzrandolph (otherwise known online as Walaber) has announced today in a press release that he will be bringing the upcoming PC racing game Parking Garage Rally Circuit to the Sega Saturn and Nintendo Switch, following fan requests — provided it manages to sell well enough.

In case you're unfamiliar, Parking Garage Rally Circuit is a Saturn-style racing game that originated as an entry for Ludum Dare 54 game jam in 2023 but has since grown into a commercial release that is currently on track to release before the end of the year on PC (via Steam).

It has the player racing around a bunch of claustrophobic car parks in a fictional rally tournament, with the ultimate goal being to get all the gold medals on each course and battle against others on the online leaderboards.

In the press release, Fitzrandolph wrote the following about his desire to bring it to other machines:

“Whenever I post about the game on social media, I get a lot of feedback from people that they’d like a Switch version and they’d like me to fully lean into the SEGA Saturn inspirations and release a Saturn version. Bringing Parking Garage Rally Circuit to Switch would be amazing and I’d love nothing more than to create a SEGA Saturn version - it’s a console that I dearly love! I’m a solo dev, however, so making these kinds of commitments aren’t easy for me, but I’ve decided to announce that if you buy it, I’m going to do it! If the game sells 50,000 copies, I’ll make a Switch version and if the game hits 100,000 copies sold, I’ll make that Saturn version too!”

This isn't the first time Fitzrandolph has teased a Saturn release of the game. Late last week, he told us he'd been looking into the possibility of making a homebrew version of the game, commenting at the time:

"Saturn homebrew is not the most huge scene with tons of amazing tools and stuff. But there are definitely people making 3D homebrew games that run on Saturn. So I'm pretty sure I could make some version of this game run on the Saturn, and that would be the funnest project I could think of to work on. But I can't spend that time unless, you know, financially it's not a terrible decision to do so."

You can read our recent interview with Fitzrandolph here if you'd like to learn more about his journey so far while making Parking Garage Rally Circuit. It includes more about his own experiences with the Saturn and his love of Sonic Team's "technically super impressive" Burning Rangers, as well as a breakdown of how he achieved the Parking Garage Rally Circuit's retro look.