Transformers Meets Street Fighter In This Amazing Fan-Made Brawler 1
Image: @TheDiepod

Hasbro's Transformers line of toys, comics, movies and cartoons has been thrilling fans for 40 years now, so it's amazing to us that in all that time, we've not had a decent one-on-one fighting game based on the cross-media franchise.

Pixel artist and animator The Diepod – who has worked on the likes of Kong: Skull Island, Master of the Universe and Tomb Raider for Powerhouse Animation Studios – is seeking to right this wrong with their own (unofficial) game.

"Just a fan project I’m working on for myself," says the artist. "No big deal."

The Diepod explains that the game – which is built using the Ikemen Go game engine – will feature assists like Marvel vs. Capcom. "I'll make the assists selectable when all of them are made. There is still one main roster character I have to start."

While the game still clearly has some way to go, it's already looking very cool indeed – and The Diepod is also working out music for it:

Would you like to see this project become official? Stranger things have certainly happened, but in the meantime, we'll settle for it remaining fan-made – it's certainly shaping up to be very special indeed.