Grimace's Birthday Studio Teams Up With Nike For Air Jordan Game Boy Game 1
Image: Nike / Warner Bros.

Remember when McDonald's and Krool Toys released Grimace's Birthday a while back? Well, the Brooklyn-based indie outfit is back with another Game Boy Color game, and this time, it has joined forces with sports company Nike.

Developed in just four weeks and available for a limited time only, AJXI Cosmic Climb has been created to celebrate the return of the iconic "Space Jam" sneakers, also known as the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low OG.

These shoes go on sale on May 18th, but the game is available to play now.

Assuming the role of either Stef or Tia (Krool Toys' founders), you'll need to leap through each stage in your shiny new Air Jordan 11 Retro Lows, which, just like in Space Jam, come packed with cosmic energy.

Success in the game's main mode will allow you to unlock the Time Trial Challenge, testing your skills even more.

AJXI Cosmic Climb will also be playable in Nike's SNKERS app.