Bitmap Books' Run 'n' Gun: A Guide To On-foot Shooters Launches In July 1
Image: Bitmap Books

UK publisher Bitmap Books has just revealed its next project, and it's focused on classic run 'n' shooters like Contra, Metal Slug and more.

Penned by video game journalist, author, and comic book writer Dave Cook – who also wrote Bitmap's superb Go Straight book on scrolling beat 'em ups – Run 'n' Gun: A Guide To On-foot Shooters "takes a look at the traditional shoot-‘em-up’s closest cousin."

The book was confirmed to be in development last year.

The company has shared some images on social media but says it will have more to reveal next month, as it aims to launch the book early in July this year.

Bitmap's previous books include N64: A Visual Compendium, PC Engine Box Art Collection and Art of the Box. You can check out its full range here.

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