PC Engine: The Box Art Collection
Image: Bitmap Books

Update [Mon 15th May, 2023 14:00 BST]: Bitmap Books has just updated the page for its forthcoming PC Engine: The Box Art Collection book, including loads of lovely photos of the finished product.

These images allow us to get a better look at Wil Overton's lovely cover artwork for the Collector's Edition.

The standard edition of the book will retail for £29.99 and comes with a free digital copy. The book launches on June 5th, and you can register your interest on the official site.

Original Story [Thu 16th Feb, 2023 21:45 GMT]: UK publisher Bitmap Books has just announced its first release of 2023, and it will be focused on the amazing cover artwork of NEC's PC Engine.

Following on from the Super Famicom and Game Boy box art books, PC Engine: The Box Art Collection will feature over 300 professionally shot photos, along with screens and a description of each title.

Here's the full PR:

Our first major new release of 2023 is almost ready, and we’re beyond excited to finally tell you more, because it’s shaping up to be something rather special. Due for release at the end of May, PC Engine: The Box Art Collection is the third in our popular series collecting high quality photographs of the best of game box art. The PC Engine itself debuted during a mesmerising chapter of Japan’s cultural history, when games, films, anime, fashion, and more were becoming increasingly intertwined. Ultimately, a new aesthetic emerged in Japan that continues to shape global art and culture – and the small but mighty NEC console was at the centre of that movement.

PC Engine: The Box Art Collection brings together over 300 professionally shot photographs of box art from the console’s remarkable, distinct Japanese release library. It’s also packed with screenshots, details on the games and their legacy, insights on how the PC Engine catalogue captured an important cultural moment that spanned the 1980s and 1990s, and plenty of written features exploring the fascinating history about a console like no other.

Next month we’ll be revealing more details, so keep an eye on our social channels, newsletter and website.

Bitmap was recently in the news as it had to cancel its proposed Mega Drive / Genesis book due to legal pressure from Sega.

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