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Update [Wed 2nd Nov, 2022 14:40 GMT]: Pre-orders for Stuart Maine's I'm Too Young To Die: The Ultimate Guide to First-Person Shooters 1992–2002 are now open on Bitmap Books website, the publisher has revealed.

All pre-orders will ship on November 14th in the order of when they were placed, so if you want to learn more about the history of the iconic genre, now's your chance!

Original Story [Tue 19th Jul, 2022 09:01 BST]: First-person shooter fans rejoice! Over the last week, Bitmap Books, the publisher behind high-quality retro books such as The Art of Point-and-Click Adventures and A Guide To Japanese Role-Playing Games, has revealed its new companion to the first-person shooter genre over on its Twitter account.

The book, called I'm Too Young To Die, plans to cover the period 1992-2002, which means it will likely go in-depth on the revolutionary works of studios like ID Software, Rareware, and 3D Realms. We should also expect interviews with developers, coverage of super-obscure games, and big-picture insights on the history of the genre.

The veteran video game designer and writer Stuart Maine has been working on the book for the past two years, with the Rebellion art director Ian Pestridge handling the amazing cover art for the project.

Maine tells us:

"I'm Too Young To Die dives into the world of classic FPSs, covering 180 games from 1992 to 2002. We look at the genre defining titles on PC and console, but also the failed experiments and more obscure releases. Alongside a foreword by John Romero there are also interviews with the creators of some of these games and engines, alongside a look at the wider genre. Bitmap Books will be releasing more info in the coming months, before the book's release in October."

There's currently no word on when pre-orders will open, but we'll be able to update you as soon as that news is available. Or you can sign up for the Bitmap Books newsletter here.

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