Book4Games "Precision Game Storage"
Image: Book4Games

The side-effect of having a large enough collection of retro video games is you'll inevitably end up with some loose cartridges and no way of displaying them. We know this problem all too well at Time Extension, with some of our loose cartridges stashed away in plastic containers, shoeboxes, and the odd drawer out of view.

The French company Book4Games, however, believes that it has created a practical solution to this decade-old problem in the form of some fancy storage boxes to display your loose carts with pride.

It's something our friends over on Nintendo Life have covered in the past (on more than one occasion), but now the company is back at it again with a revamped Kickstarter, as well as redesigned products for your Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Famicom, Game & Watch Wide Screen series, and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games. You can view some images of how these look below:

If you want to back the project, there are currently several tiers available on Kickstarter with the cheapest option to receive the product being set at €24. That will get you one "Precision Game Storage" box of your choice shipped to anywhere in the world with an estimated delivery date of March 2023.

Like later tiers, this also apparently comes with the option to add a Legend of Zelda or Metroid limited edition signature replacement sleeve in the pledge manager too, after the campaign has ended. So if you're swimming in loose carts, this could be a solution to your problem.

Does this look like the solution to your storage woes? Let us know in the comments!