Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Ultimate Collection Includes 16 Games, Costs $70 1
Image: Toaplan

Publisher Bitwave Games has been doing a sterling job of restoring some of Toaplan's best titles, and this culminates in the fourth volume of titles, which includes Grind Stormer, Twin Hawk, Truxton 2 and Dogyuun.

However, the company has also revealed that it is bundling up all four collections into a single package – and you can download it from today.

Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Ultimate Collection includes all 16 games released across the series so far and retails for €69.99/$69.99.

The pack includes:

  • Zero Wing
  • Truxton
  • Twin Cobra
  • Out Zone
  • Tiger Heli
  • Slap Fight
  • Flying Shark
  • Batsugun
  • Truxton 2
  • Twin Hawk
  • Vimana
  • Fixeight
  • Dogyuun
  • Hellfire
  • Fire Shark
  • Grind Stormer

Niklas Istenes, CEO of Bitwave Games, had this to say about the fourth volume in the collection:

We’re proud to bring such an epic collection of shooting game classics to an end with this, our fourth and final volume in the Toaplan collection. Whether a seasoned veteran or new to the genre, each game featuring on Vol.4 could rightly be considered a masterpiece and richly deserves a place in any self-respecting shmup’ fan’s collection. We believe we have saved the best to last and look forward to fans getting the opportunity to complete their collection.