Rare Composer Celebrates 30 Years With The Company 1
Image: Robin Beanland

British composer Robin Beanland has now been with Rare for 30 years.

Beanland's career began in the world of film and TV. He joined Rare back in 1994, working on the music for Donkey Kong Country alongside David Wise and Eveline Fischer. Since then, he has contributed to the soundtracks of titles such as Killer Instinct, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Kameo, Viva Piñata, Kinect Sports and Sea of Thieves.

In 2001, his score for Conker's Bad Fur Day won him a BAFTA, while in 2019, his work on Sea of Thieves scooped an Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Video Game Score.

"It’s not lost on me how incredibly fortunate I am to work with such a talented, creative and passionate bunch of truly inspiring individuals (past and present)," wrote Beanland on social media. "Feeling very grateful and humbled right now."

Beanland is one of a select few Rare staffers to have been with the company for over 30 years, alongside Paul Machacek and Gregg Mayles.

Microsoft has recently announced that Sea of Thieves is coming to PS5 and Switch.