PS1 Exclusive Crash Bandicoot Gets Ported To Sega Saturn 1
Image: Universal / Naughty Dog

Modder and homebrew developer Frogbull has ported PS1-exclusive Crash Bandicoot to the Sega Saturn.

If the name seems familiar, it's because Frogbull has previously ported Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII to Sega's 32-bit console.

"Bringing Crash Bandicoot to Sega's 32-bit console is quite a challenge," comments the developer. "To make it possible, I used XL2's Z-Treme Engine and techniques honed from my work on Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII."

He adds that most of the assets were obtained using the CrashEdit tool, specifically the fork created by Almamu. "Obtaining the assets is just the beginning," Frogbull adds. "Making them compatible with the Saturn proved to be quite challenging, especially considering that Crash Bandicoot's animations don't use a skeleton like is traditionally done in modern 3D. And of course, since the Saturn prefers Quads over Triangles, I had to accommodate its preferences (hardcore without proper UV mapping)."

Interestingly, the developer has the game running in Saturn's higher resolution 352x240 mode in order to closely replicate the 512x240 resolution of the PS1 original. Frogball also had to create some ingenious tricks in order to reproduce some of the PlayStation version's more eye-catching effects.

"One of the best effects I've managed to reproduce is the water cascade in Ripper Roo's level, achieved by using multiple sprites," Frogball says. "By employing the same technique, I should be able to make the water move towards the screen, achieving a rendering very close to the PlayStation version. Additionally, I'll need to add sprites to animate the flames on both sides."

Frogball adds that, although this is simply a proof-of-concept prototype, it could expand into something quite special. "I've made good progress with the physics and even started work on a level editor. If I see that there's interest in the project, I could definitely expand it further and bring some fresh ideas by creating completely exclusive levels for the Saturn, so please spread the word!"