Metal Slug 4
Image: SNK

Earlier this week, GOG announced that it had partnered up with the Japanese publisher SNK to release 24 of its classic games on the digital storefront.

The new additions include notable titles such as Metal Slug 4 and a couple of games from the KING OF FIGHTERS series like THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 (GLOBAL MATCH) and THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2003. According to the individual store pages, the Canadian developer Code Mystics was responsible for the emulation of all of these titles. This is a company that has a long history of bringing SNK games to both PCs and consoles, having previously worked on ports of various Neo Geo Pocket Color titles.

Here's the complete list of games of all 24 arrivals, courtesy of GOG:

All of these games are currently on sale as part of the SNK publisher sale (which ends on April 15th) and can be bought for £3.89 each.